Indonesia Job Project Manager – PT QDC Technologies



PT. Qdc Technologies is a construction company focus on telecommunication projects.  We have a lot of customers from almost telecommunication operators in Indonesia.  To enlarge our business, we need to recruit good people like you.  Now we open an opportunity for you to join us as:



Primary Role

Work performed will typically include a combination of activities and/or behaviors exemplified by the following:

  1. Perform high level project management work relating to Contracts, as assigned by a General Manager.
  2. Translate complex project briefs/contracts into project activities, time lines, etc, which form the basis of project plans.
  3. Manage the full range of project control activities associated with novel and/or complex projects, and in particular control project costs and contingencies. Assume responsibility for end to end management of the project, ensuring all aspects of the project are aligned to meet the project plan, all road blocks and contingencies are managed and the project is delivered within its objectives of scope, cost and time.
  4. Report to the General Manager on project management issues and achievements.
  5. Define project organization structures, staff levels/skills/qualifications to meet forecasted project requirements and assist with recruitment of staff based on those criteria.
  6. Setting staff objectives that align with project objectives and perform reviews of staff performance and development to ensure those objectives are being met.
  7. Ensure the implementation of QDC Human Resource policy and procedures in relation to the staff under the Project Manager’s control.
  8. Providing leadership and support to the project team to empower the team to reach the project objectives.
  9. Chair regular Project Review Meetings to ensure the effective execution of project implementation by the QDC project team.
  10. Ensure that project record systems are created, operated and maintained for effective project control.
  11. Ensure all project documentation is controlled.
  12. Liaise with project stakeholders including; clients, partners, subcontractors, material suppliers, vendors, landowners, government departments and local authorities as necessary to facilitate project progress.
  13. Manage the coordination of design, material supply, installation, commissioning & acceptance, operations and maintenance and warranty activities to ensure project objectives are met.
  14. Request and review progress reports submitted by subcontractors and material suppliers.
  15. Review and assess subcontractor’s project implementation in accordance with the approved specification, quality and schedule timeframe and initiate corrective action to rectify deviation from agreed requirements.
  16. Review and approve all certificates and other documentation to be issued during and at the completion of the project by QDC to project stakeholders or project stakeholders to QDC.
  17. Review and approve subcontractor and supplier’s progress claims, invoices and other documentation for payment.
  18. Review clients, subcontractors or suppliers project variation or extension of time requests and manage the cost, time and quality implications of any such request to achieve a favorable outcome for QDC.
  19. Apply continuous improvement processes to contribute to the development of new processes and procedures associated with projects containing existing or new or multiple technologies.
  20. Ensure project acceptance by customers and manage the commercial closure of projects.
  21. Provide a project review report at the end of the project to assess of achievement of project cost, time and quality objectives and improve the execution of future projects.
  22. Demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment to relevant Equal Employment Opportunity by, leading by example; modeling ‘EEO sound’ behavior.
  23. Ensure compliance with Project Quality Plan.
  24. Exercise “Duty of Care” obligations, and comply with relevant Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Procedures when on project sites.
  25. Comply with QDC’s Code of Conduct at all times.
  26. Perform other duties as required, which may include activities normally carried out at other levels.


  1. Minimum of 5 years experience in construction will be advantage
  2. Have minimum educational background degree in Telecommunication / Civil Engineering / Mechanical Electrical Engineering.
  3. Have good knowledge about telecommunication / electrical engineering.
  4. Sound management and finance experience preferably in a construction or telecommunications organization.
  5. Previous general & operational management in a similar industry or organization.
  6. Thorough understanding of project compliance requirements.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of country regulatory and licensing requirements in relation to project execution activities.
  8. Advanced skills and understanding of project management tools, accounting systems and current MS Office products particularly Excel.
  9. Highly developed leadership and motivation skills
  10. Highly developed interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  11. Solid public personae and ability to confidently represent the company
  12. Demonstrated high levels of oral and written communication skills.
  13. Ready to be replaced in Jakarta and Medan Area

Note: interview will be conducted in Jakarta.

If you are interested with this Indonesia Job, for those who have qualification as we mention above, very welcome to apply the position.  Please submit your resume to:

PT. Qdc Technologies
Mega Plaza Building 5th Floor
HR Rasuna Said Kav. C3 South Jakarta


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